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About Live Parts™

Real Time Generative Design with Live Parts

Live Parts™ makes it easy to go from complex constraints and loading conditions to optimized, manufacturing-ready models in a matter of minutes.

Interactive Modeling Experience

Users can quickly iterate on designs by adjusting model parameters and witness geometry respond in real-time as Live Parts optimizes for new constraints and loads.

Interactive Design Environment

Users can adjust loading conditions, materials, resolution, and even design objectives while the design grows and evolves. Live Parts responds in real-time, optimizing the design to reflect modifications while showing stress concentrations and other properties in real-time.

GPU-Accelerated, Cloud-Based Architecture

Live Parts runs in the cloud on NVIDIA GPU-accelerated virtual machines to deliver real-time generative design to any device with an internet connection.

Additive Manufacturing Design Constraints

Users can impose additive manufacturing design constraints on their model as it grows, including maximum overhang angles and build directions, resulting in designs that are easier to 3D print and use fewer supports.

High-performance Designs

Live Parts delivers complex geometries optimized using an advanced multi-physics simulation engine and validated by integrated, high-fidelity FEA — ensuring every design is engineered for real-world environments.

Embedded FEA Validation

Users can validate designs and verify performance directly within Live Parts. Live Parts runs high-fidelity, linear static FEA and displays displacement and von Mises stress results in seconds compared to the hours or days required by traditional simulation tools.

Customisable Material Library

Live Parts offers an extensive library of industry-standard metals, alloys and plastics that users can specify for their models. In addition, users can add other materials defined in existing CAD assemblies to the Live Parts library.

Manufacturing-Ready Geometry

Exported as either watertight STLs or solid body geometry, all Live Parts designs are smoothed and ready to manufacture—allowing users to print directly or import into existing CAD assemblies without any remodeling.

Automated Smoothing

Automated algorithms smooth organic regions of designs grown in Live Parts, while preserving fill and exclude geometries exactly. The result is significant reductions in surface waviness, providing users with cleaner, tighter surfaces in their model.

Solid Body Geometry Output

Live Parts provides multiple design output options so users are not limited by STLs or mesh outputs. Automated NURBS surface patching allows users to export B-rep geometry, reducing file sizes and making models easier to manage in CAD.

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